ABET helps fulfil the SLP commitment made by companies in the mining and construction industry

Challenge: Addressing the SLP commitment in mining and construction

My client, which operates in the mining and construction industry in Mpumalanga, has set about addressing its Social Labour Plans (SLP) commitment by contacting Triple E Training for advice. A group of eight employees has been selected by my client for a skills development programme with the aim to not only reach its Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) goals but also develop a career path for the group of employees.

Solution: ABET develops skills such as numeracy and mathematics

With more than 20 years’ experience in Adult Based Education and Training (ABET/AET) in the mining industry Triple E Training was able to offer my client, who has never embarked on ABET before, expert advice.
ABET provides basic foundational learning tools, knowledge and skills such as reading, writing, understanding, listening, numeracy and mathematics that not only improve communication and problem solving in the workplace but also enables further development in the community.
In order to reach the goals of my client’s Workplace Skills Plan the SETA accredited ABET programme will be rolled out and completed over a period of five years, developing the employees from ABET level 1 to the highest level, ABET level 4 over the period. From the various learning areas or subjects offered by Triple E Training my client will be focussed on Communication in English as well as Mathematics for this group of eight employees.
With an extensive network of facilitators across the country the ABET training will be taking place on my client’s premises in Mpumalanga in their own training room.

Expert opinion: BEE training should be part of any organisation’s BEE strategy

Companies in the mining and construction industry are required by law to include ABET in its skills development plans as part of their SLP and WSP. BEE training is also a very important element of the Skills Development element on the BEE Scorecard.
ABET should therefore ideally be part of any organisation’s BEE strategy to reach BEE compliance and increase their overall BEE score. With the mining and construction industry under immense pressure at the moment it is even more crucial for this industry to place a big emphasis on developing low skilled employees. Not only will BEE training contribute to the Annual Training Report (ATR) of the organisation but it will also set a career part for the individuals.

Call to action: Triple E Training – Your partner for all BBBEE training needs

With Triple E Training as its partner my client is well on its way to reach the goals set out by the Mining Charter’s SLP as part of its BEE strategy.


At a cost of R500k my client that operates in the mining and construction industry will be putting a group of eight employees through the ABET programme offered by Triple E Training. Over a period of five years the group of learners will receive BEE training by one of our expert facilitators in Mpumalanga. Through BEE training my client are able to reach not only its SLP but will also be able to include the ABET programme in their ATR.

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