ABET is Essential or just plain Embarrassing?

It is called many names, and so are the people in this field. Adult Education, Life-long learning, ABET, AET, Literacy, AVET, OVET, Numeracy etc is offered by educators, practitioners, tutors, facilitators and even teachers! No matter how it’s termed, ABET remains a critical intervention needed by millions of adults, ABET is Essential The ABET statistics are difficult to verify as the various departments and organisations seem to give differing facts, but it estimated that more than 13 million South African adults are well-below a functional level of Numeracy and Literacy i.e. ABET Level 4 (ABET Level 4 is on the same level as Grade 9 on the NQF). Whether ABET is essential or embarrassing is not the issue. It is humiliating that South Africa has not achieved an exceptional educational level for so many now in adulthood, but it’s more essential that we address these scarce skills. Reality presents us with the fact that we are dealing with mass illiteracy and innumeracy amongst adults. ABET facilitates logic, problem-solving, communication to name a few essentially embedded skills. And because adults have accumulated knowledge, wisdom and maturity there is no getting away from employing adults in the workplace. We can change its name again. But we need ABET/AET to change lives together. No matter what it’s called Triple E Training offers excellent ABET Programmes country-wide. We develop communities by sourcing and training educators in the areas we provide ABET. Our programmes benefit your workforce, your company and your BBBEE rating. Triple E Training changes lives.
Changing Lives Together