We are one of only 7 fully accredit providers with Umalusi

EAP Targets do not only require training for Black learners but also for Coloured and Indian learners in addition to Black Disabled Learners. To outsource your management of training compliance to Triple E Training makes business sense because Triple E Training can recruit learners according to your EAP targets or as per your required demographics … Read more

Umalusi Accredited Colleges and Providers

Don’t be fooled by marketing mumbo jumbo! Somehow, somewhere in the whole unraveling of training and education field, the list and meaning of “Umalusi accredited Colleges and Providers” has been slightly twisted to say the least. Many organisations have been unfortunately fooled by marketing mambo jumbo. Umalusi, the council for quality assurance in general and … Read more

We are Taking Umalusi accreditation very seriously

Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd has received full accreditation from Umalusi as an AET/ABET Provider. This is a true milestone as there have been NO providers accredited, fully, previously. It is a noteworthy achievement for Triple E Training, Umalusi and indeed for ABET itself. Full accreditation gives status to ABET, which at times is … Read more

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