CETA Guarantees Highly Qualified Construction Workers

Since passage of the South African Skills Development Act of 1998, the nation has developed and implemented one of the worlds most sophisticated and successful workforce development programs. The Skills Development Act addresses two of South Africa ’s priorities: to increase workers’ productivity and morale by developing their basic skills, and to foster development of a more inclusive, cohesive society by correcting educational inequity. The Construction Education and Training Authority in short known as CETA was established to fulfill the Skills Development Act’s noble goals by establishing workforce training programs in the construction trades. CETA translated complex lawmaking language into practical, successful workplace practice and CETA complied with both the spirit and the letter of the legislation, setting and enforcing rigorous testing and high standards for participants in its programs. The South African Qualifications Authority accredited CETA for Education and Training Quality Assurance, giving it power to qualify and monitor the performance of Accredited Training Providers.
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