Changing Lives Together

Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd recently rebranded their “look” in line with their logo “Changing Lives Together.” Lance Clack, the Managing Director of Triple believes that change is essential. “Simply put, if we don’t evolve we will die. It is imperative for our ABET and FET learners and clients, most of who are in the working world, that we adapt to keep up with the ever-changing business trends and pressures.” Just asking the question “Why?” results in new ideas and innovations that directly affect the bottom line. Clack believes that organisations benefit from change when it results in new ways of looking at customer needs, unique ways of delivering customer service, and new products that might attract new markets. Clack says, “Change is important for any organisation because, without change, businesses would certainly lose their competitive edge by never reaching their customers’ expectations.” Triple E Training celebrates 23 years of ABET delivery (and 14 years of FET delivery) this year and Clack says, “Our 23 year history is very important to us but history and tradition must always be current and relevant and used for the experience its gained, coupled with new thinking to keep delivering in the industry.” Clack is upbeat about 2014 and believes that Triple E’s focus on the quality of ABET/AET and FET Programmes, its new ABET/AET accreditation status, and its passionate, dedicated staff will sustain its leading position in the field. He emphasizes that Triple E is innovating and implementing even better ways to ease the training process for its customers to address the ever-changing drivers of the training industry. Changing lives together is truly possible. “Listening to our customers may sound like a cliché, but we will listen even more and deliver even more according to the continuous evolving training needs.” There are numerous changes we will be facing in South Africa this year with looming elections, more changes to the BBBEE codes, fluctuating global economics to name only three. Clack states, “We do not believe that Triple E Training can make the difference alone. We need to work with workplaces, SETA’s, the QCTO, Departments and especially learners. Together we can reach our educational goals. We need to continuously make changes to do this and we will remember to embrace the change, embrace our people externally and internally and then they will all embrace our brand.” Together, Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd will change your life. ” Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd was awarded ABET Accreditation for 7 years by Umalusi in 2013, a milestone in ABET in South Africa. It has programme approval with various SETA’s and it is one of the FLC Providers. Its new logo “Changing Lives Together” is the result of much thought and belief that it does happen. Contact Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd on 0861 TRIPLE for ABET, FLC and other FET Programmes.

Triple E’s New Look

Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd is proud to present its new logo and look. Change is important because the world changes every day and all ABET, FET and FLC learners need to keep up with this change. We cannot promise our clients anything better than encouraging our learners to deal with and in fact embrace change. Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd itself is changing to add even more value to its clients’ ABET/FLC/FET experience.

Lance Clack is Changing Lives

Lance Clack the Managing Director of Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd is adamant that to survive and to succeed, organisations need to evolve. For Triple E Training, this means we even changed our look and our logo because we want our ABET and FLC/FET learners’ lives to change for the better. What better way to convince them than by giving them a fresh look, a genuinely though-out new logo and a promise that we will change their lives?
Changing Lives Together