As Easy as BEE!

Training for BBBEE/BEE Points in 2015

If you search any one of the accredited BBBEE/BEE verification bodies, you will ultimately reach the same conclusion; skills development is critical in order to maximize your BBBEE/BEE scorecard this year and onwards. So training for BBBEE/BEE points needs to be your first planning session this year!
Adult Education and Training and a full qualification in this regard like Business Practice, is the general conceptual foundation towards lifelong learning and development, comprising of knowledge, skills and attitudes required for social, economic and political participation and transformation applicable to a range of contexts. AET is flexible, developmental and targeted at the specific needs of particular audiences and ideally, nationally recognised certificate. In this regard, AET is effective and easy to implement in any organisation of any level. Why not follow these simple steps and implement an AET Programme and meet your skills development points for your BBBEE/BEE?

Diagnostic Assessment

If you do not ask the right questions, you do not get the right answers. A question asked in the right way often gets points to its own answer. Hence, training for BBBEE/BEE points must start with the diagnostic assessment of employees. This is one of the reasons why AET is easy to implement. Through this process, AET Service Providers like Triple E Training know precisely how implement this effectively.

Project Planning

AET is successful and effective when the needs of the stakeholders are met. This means both learners and management/employees play an important role in decision making. Because Triple E is flexible, the AET is flexible as far as how it is learned and when it is learned. Obviously there are conditions to maintain the effectiveness of the AET programme, but training for BBBEE/BEE points does not have to be cumbersome and difficult to achieve, Its as easy as BEE!
All stakeholders are in control of the AET Programmes with respect to times, venues, and implementation dates.
Another reason why training for BBBEE/BEE points is made easy and effective is that it can happen anywhere. There is no complex environment needed for the programme to commence. We can make use of community halls, churches and schools. In fact Triple E Training takes it a bit further by delivering AET in some of the remotest sites in South Africa. Your training for BBBEE/BEE points can impact positively on a remote community of our country. The learning guides, facilitators, quality assurers, stationery all comes as part of our delivery for the training for BBBEE/BEE points.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance monitors and audits achievements against national standards and/or qualification. But more importantly this is Triple E’s way of ensuring your training for BBBEE/BEE points is meeting the needs of the community, the individual learner and the BBBEE/BEE requirements. Through Triple E there is the ongoing process of Quality Assurance which is reported to you but not on your list of “to do!”
Investing in a community through training interventions provides individuals and organisations with tools and skills to improve the quality of life for themselves, their families and their communities. For many, such training is the pathway to homeownership, job creation and small business development. Many lives have been changed through AET and it’s a simple way to adopt training for BBBEE/BEE points.
Changing Lives Together