Education In South Africa

Education In South Africa Taken To New Heights There is no denying the fact that education in South Africa has come a long way over the years, but all too often the youth overlook the importance of getting an education and either drop out of school or never go to begin with. Completing basic primary education in South Africa is something everyone is encouraged to do, but those less privileged often have no access to good schools or cannot afford the school fees attached. Of course those who fail to obtain an education in South Africa will suffer possibly their whole lives as they will lack the required basic skills to obtain well paying jobs and as a consequence, be unable to afford to support their families. Unfortunately many individuals find themselves in a position where they are unable to further themselves in the work place, or even obtain any kind of job. This is where ABET (Adult Basic Education and Training) plays an integral part in South Africa’s society. Adult Basic Education and Training courses are readily available from a number of centres where further education for the less privileged is a focus. At Triple E Training you can expect to be presented with a wide range of courses and work books to choose from. We offer courses on Basic English, writing and reading, communication (both written and oral), steel work courses, maths training, speaking Zulu, HIV and AIDS awareness and various others. All these courses are designed to help the individual to better themselves and their future. Each course is set out in a basic and easy to understand way and each learner is guaranteed to be provided with the attention required should they need extra assistance or not understand something. At Triple E Training we focus on making education in South Africa something of importance. We believe that growth through development is the way forward and only possible if individuals and employers are willing to take that step – ABET. Employers who choose to send their staff members for skills development courses or other educational courses are doing a great deal not only for their staff members but also for their company. Businesses that constantly add to their staff member’s knowledge and skills quickly begin to benefit and prosper from loyalty from the team along with efficiency and increased productivity in the work place. We will ensure that you are able to receive education regardless of where you are in South Africa. We operate via 400 different facilitators spread across all 9 provinces. We will provide classes at your premises or ours and will even travel to rural areas if required. Our dedication to further education shines through in each empowered and educated learner to leave our training courses. Empower, educate and assist your staff members to better their lives and brighten their futures by providing them with the opportunity to learn. Take education in South Africa to new heights with a variety of ABET courses and classes from Triple E Training and our facilitators today.
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