Ensuring learners are committed to the ABET programme is crucial to the success of skills development

Problem: Learners lost interest in ABET programme

My client, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of formworks and scaffolding, approached me for providing Adult Education and Training (AET) for its South African operations. The HR Manager at my client’s head office in Midrand has worked with Triple E Training before at her previous employer and has experienced the quality of outsourced BEE training provided by Triple E Training.
Having contracted another service provider of Adult Based Education and Training (ABET) before without achieving any results because the learners lost interest in the programme due to a lack of support from the facilitator, my client knew from experience that Triple E Training is able to deliver.

Solution: An awareness session provides information about ABET and its benefits

Because my client’s employees had a negative experience with ABET at a previous occasion it was crucial for Triple E Training to conduct its standard awareness session. This 45-minutes session was attended by all the relevant stakeholders that included the selected group of 10 learners at my client’s site in KwaZulu-Natal, their union representatives and the HR manager.
During the awareness session information is provided about ABET and its benefits to the employees. It is explained that ABET will help the employees to read and write better, to be better at mathematics, and ultimately improve their chances of being promoted within the organisation. It is further made clear that ABET will act as a foundation for those employees that would like to study further or be part of a learnership programme in the future.
The awareness session created the necessary awareness and all 10 pre-selected employees committed to complete the ABET programme. The 10 employees will be trained in two separate groups by a qualified ABET facilitator from Triple Training’s extensive network at the client’s site in Canlands (KZN). To bring the skills development training in line with my client’s BBBEE skills development strategy and its Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) the ABET programme will run over a couple of years with the first 120 hours for ABET Level 1 starting in 2016.

Expert opinion: Skills development is an important element of the BBBEE Scorecard

ABET, also known as AET, is generally outsourced to an accredited service provider registered with Umalusi that acts as the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training (GET and FET). Triple E Training is one of a handful of suppliers that has a full seven-year accreditation for its ABET programmes.
With skills development being an important element of the BBBEE Scorecard ABET is one of the best ways to achieve a high score whilst complying to the Skills Development Act. ABET further supports the WSP and the results can be captured in the Annual Training Report (ATR).
Triple E Training, as a Level 2 BEE service provider, further contributes to my client’s BEE Scorecard on the procurement element.

Call to action: Triple E Training – your Level 2 BEE skills development service provider

With Triple E Training as its partner my client, in the construction industry, is not only guaranteed quality ABET programmes that deliver results but also better chances at improving its BEE rating on the skills development and procurement elements of the BEE Scorecard.


At an initial cost of R150k my client has embarked on outsourced ABET programmes through Triple E Training which is an accredited provider of BEE training. A total of 10 committed learners have joined the ABET facilitator in weekly training sessions at their place of work in KwaZulu-Natal and will complete the first round of ABET workshops in 2016.

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