Numeracy: As Essential as Literacy

Absolutely as essential as the command of languages, numeracy supports advancement in the workplace while promoting advancement in society. In its simplest form, numeracy requires command of numbers, their values, the relationships among them, and how to manipulate them. Naturally, numeracy begins with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, but it advances to relationships among numbers. Squares, square roots, and cubes determine area and volume measures in construction and packaging so that understanding those relationships is essential to understanding building or shipping. Effective management depends upon controlling costs, so that understanding the relationship between the cost of labour and a company’s sales becomes essential to turning a profit. Numeracy empowers workers to express these relationships as numbers, taking away the mystery and showing the result. Mathematical principles and logic represent two versions of the same intellectual processes, and numeracy makes all kinds of problem solving much easier. Numeracy drives business.