Put some Business Practice in Your BBBEE/BEE Strategy

Business Practice, a qualification that makes absolute sense for anyone involved (or potentially involved) in business, will inspire your employees (and prospective employees) to be able to identify business concepts and make every opportunity a winning business opportunity. So while you are sitting with your training and development planning for 2016, consider including this one. Not only does it add to a wide array of actual business skills, but Business Practice in your BBBEE strategy will maximise your points on your BBBEE/BEE scorecard.
As far as your BBBEE/BEE strategy is concerned, this programme falls under Category C of the Learning Matrix. You score the highest point for category B and C. With the new (current) codes you have to spend 6% of your payroll (you will recall that for the old codes you only had to spend 3%). If you spend the 6% you will earn 8 points. Skills Development is a priority element which means if you do not reached a min of 40% (8 points) you will drop one level
Businesses that use training and development effectively to support their business strategy and ultimately their BBBEE/BEE strategy, will establish a competitive advantage that certainly increases profitability. Business-related training affects a company’s business strategy by promoting specific skills development needs to grow into other areas of business and compete successfully. By putting some Business Practice in your BBBEE/BEE strategy, you are achieving even more.
The Core Component of Business Practice indicates exactly how business-related this Programme is:
  • 20 credits in Economics and Management.
  • 14 credits in Technology.
  • 11 credits in Life Orientation.
  • 6 credits in Human and Social Sciences
The GETC: Business Practice aims to develop the cognitive abilities of learners thereby assisting them with problem solving and decision making specifically in business. The following concepts are included in this business-related training:
  • You and your business.
  • Customers quality in business.
  • Resources for your business.
  • Business regulation.
  • The business plan.
The skills, knowledge, attitudes and abilities which would be developed by this qualification are transferable to any sector of industry.
Business Practice makes a difference in the workplace and to its surrounding community. It enhances knowledge, skills, values and attitudes and encourages the learners to take the knowledge from the business training out of the classroom and straight onto the business environment. It will maximise your skills development score so put it in your BBBEE/BEE strategy for sure.
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