Adult Basic Education And Training

Adult Basic Education And Training Courses In South Africa – Triple E Training An unfortunate amount of people have had their dreams and futures dashed by interrupted education, underprivileged childhoods and poor decision. No one really understands the importance of education in their younger years, but as we get older and are faced with the … Read more

ABET and best practice

Adult Basic education and Training service providers must be fully accredited in order to provide employers with the assurance that any program put in place to raise the literacy and numeracy skills of the workforce will be effective. Without accreditation any qualification in line with NQF requirements will not be valid and will not allow … Read more

ABET is changing South Africa

One of the most exciting discoveries for any child is when the signs at the road start to make sense and when the time comes for Daddy to stop reading the bedtime story and for the child to begin exploring the wonderful world of the printed word. However for many people in South Africa that … Read more

Making the most of your life with ABET

Adult basic Education and Training service providers are being accredited at an ever increasing rate due to the commitment of both business and government to providing every citizen of South Africa with the tools to be able to enjoy a high quality of life. By providing adults with literacy and numeracy skills ABET programs allow … Read more

Without an education…

An education is something that no one can ever take away from you. Once you have learned the rudiments of reading and writing the world is your oyster, with the basics you can read further, improving your education. You can achieve almost anything you desire once you have the mental tools at your disposal. Unfortunately … Read more

ABET means a new outlook

The South African constitution frames several rights that cannot be denied to any South Africa, perhaps one of the most important of these rights is the right to an education. Without an education one is relegated to the fringes of society and doomed to a life of menial labour. Unfortunately this right has only been … Read more

An educated workforce is a must

The role of Adult Basic Education and training in changing the economic destiny of South Africa should not be underestimated. As South Africa’s natural commodities grow scarcer and as the job of simply getting them out of the Earth becomes more costly and dangerous so the economic emphasis must change to one of a knowledge … Read more

ABET allows for better citizens

It is becoming clear that ABET service providers are changing the face of both South Africa’s business environment and social fabric. By providing learners with basic literacy and numeracy skills Adult Basic Education service providers are deepening and widening the skills pool and providing employers with a far greater resource of skilled workers than has … Read more

Basic skills are a must

The basic skills of reading, writing and being able to add, subtract and multiply are the cornerstones of participation in a world that is rapidly changing. Increasing urbanization and competition for employment mean that any person not in possession of these basic skills will be marginalized and able to perform only the most menial of … Read more

Adult Basic Education and Training

When some of the adults of today were only learners  the education system experienced some failures, and due to this many of these adults lack the basic educational background and therefore also fall short in some essential life and business skills. For these adults to successfully participate in the various corporate environments they have to … Read more

Changing Lives Together