Adult Basic Education and Training

When some of the adults of today were only learners  the education system experienced some failures, and due to this many of these adults lack the basic educational background and therefore also fall short in some essential life and business skills. For these adults to successfully participate in the various corporate environments they have to undergo certain levels of training. This is where ABET (Adult Basic Education and Training) courses come in to play and teach workers the fundamental skills to not only survive in a corporate environment, but also to thrive and excel in everything they set out to do. Learners who complete these courses have to date only shown astonishing results and have made great improvement in their personal lives and business achievements. ABET will ensure that you and your workers are fully literate and portray sufficient numeracy and will therefore be able to compete at international business levels. To find out more about ABET courses and how to apply, contact us at TRIPLE E HOLDINGS.
Changing Lives Together