Adult Basic Education And Training

Adult Basic Education And Training Courses In South Africa – Triple E Training An unfortunate amount of people have had their dreams and futures dashed by interrupted education, underprivileged childhoods and poor decision. No one really understands the importance of education in their younger years, but as we get older and are faced with the … Read more

Making the most of your life with ABET

Adult basic Education and Training service providers are being accredited at an ever increasing rate due to the commitment of both business and government to providing every citizen of South Africa with the tools to be able to enjoy a high quality of life. By providing adults with literacy and numeracy skills ABET programs allow … Read more

Adult Basic Education and Training

When some of the adults of today were only learners  the education system experienced some failures, and due to this many of these adults lack the basic educational background and therefore also fall short in some essential life and business skills. For these adults to successfully participate in the various corporate environments they have to … Read more

Why adult basic training is essential in South Africa

Considering that we will host the World Cup Soccer 2010, we should be a country that is well advanced also on the educational front. Sadly we are not. We need adult basic training in South Africa to be able to provide better services, ensure hope for the future, and to uplift poorer communities. Equally sad … Read more

Basic differences between child and adult learning

There are a few differences between child and adult learning that necessitate the usage of a different approach when teaching adults as opposed to children. Studies have shown that adults often lack self-esteem when it comes to adult learning. People with no prior schooling suffer the most from a lack of self esteem and fear … Read more

Factors affecting Adult basic training and education

Numerous factors affect adult basic training and education. One of the most prevalent factors is that of the knowledge already gained earlier in life. The more knowledge an adult has about a specific subject even through informal learning earlier in life the faster the learning as adult. As such it is essential to pre-assess the … Read more

Adult training in South Africa – a must

Competency levels in many of the local government structures and various public institutions are too low according to the latest reports on the competency levels of workers in South Africa. It is shocking and it costs the country in productivity, image, and income. Retrenchment is not an option as the employment figure is already far … Read more

Adult Basic Training in the Western Cape

Adult Basic Training or ABET centers are normally found at community centers. The local communities run the Adult Basic Training facilities under the guidance of the Department of Education. To be able to operate as Adult Basic Training facilities, the course providers will need to register with the Department of Education in the Western Cape. … Read more

Adult Basic Training

Although many South Africans have succeeded to function in society without the basic literacy skills, they could have had better jobs or opportunities if they had the education to support their applications. Adult basic training is focused on giving illiterate South Africans the basic skills they require to communicate effectively, do math calculations, understand the … Read more

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