Rural poor an ABET challenge

The challenge of providing Adult Basic Education programs in the rural parts of South Africa should not be underestimated. Bad roads and lack of infrastructure can cause even the most dedicated educator to lose hope. However the commitment of government and business has seen Adult Basic Education programs roll out in even the most remote … Read more

Basic Education of Adults

The basic education of Adults is a priority in this country. We cannot wait until a new generation comes into the workplace with all the required skills. In fact many learners come out of the school system unable to read, write or calculate. The first big boost for basic education of adults came in 2000 … Read more

Adult Basic Education

The success of all adult basic education depends, first, on instructors’ respect for students’ dignity. Disadvantaged students, who risk enrollment in adult basic education, often associate classrooms with intimidation, alienation, and humiliation. Adult basic education instructors must help their students feel safe, because learning involves risk, mistakes, trial and error, and constant practice—none of which … Read more

ABET Basics

ABET, Adult Basic Education and Training, focuses on workplace oriented education, so that employees can develop literacy and numeracy skills appropriate to their work and so that supervisors, managers, and executives can develop second-language skills to guide and motivate their workers. Triple e Training delivers state of the art ABET instruction for corporate clients throughout … Read more

Adult Basic Education and Training

Who needs Adult Basic Education and Training? There are approximately 12 million South Africans who have not completed their formal education. As such there are a minimum of 12 million adults in this country that need Adult Basic Education and Training. Just over 23% of African adults over the age of 20 lack any literacy. … Read more