ABET Basics

ABET, Adult Basic Education and Training, focuses on workplace oriented education, so that employees can develop literacy and numeracy skills appropriate to their work and so that supervisors, managers, and executives can develop second-language skills to guide and motivate their workers. Triple e Training delivers state of the art ABET instruction for corporate clients throughout South Africa. Conducting courses either at clients’ facilities or at sites convenient to workers, Triple e Training provides a comprehensive ABET curriculum. ABET dedicates its best efforts to educating, enriching, and empowering disadvantaged South Africans so that they may advance in the workplace and society. Triple e Training has developed instructional units and assessments ready to go “right out of the box,” but professionals collaborate with clients, guaranteeing instruction satisfies the company’s and workers’ needs. Assessment of learners’ proficiency assures they can apply their literacy and numeracy skills in “real world” situations.
Changing Lives Together