Adult literacy training for workplaces

Adult literacy training is helping companies to improve productivity, efficiency, accuracy and safety in the workplace. However, it is not only employers who benefit from their investment in basic English literacy and maths training. Low skilled employees attain important skills that they need to sustain their employment when they complete adult basic education and training … Read more

Placement assessments ensure training success

Placement assessments ensure training success. This is measured by the almost immediate positive impact that adult literacy training and adult numeracy training have on your business. Undertaken by a skilled and experienced accredited training provider, a placement assessment evaluates the English literacy and basic maths skills of your low skilled employees to determine the level … Read more

Mines and quarries meet Social Labour Plan commitments with help from Accredited training provider.

Human resource development is a key component of any mine or quarry’s social labour plan or “SLP”. Adult basic education and training or “ABET” is one of the methods with which companies in the resource extraction industry upskill their own employees and members of communities that are located within their operational footprint, and from where … Read more

Private sector remains an important driver of ABET in poor communities

ADULT LITERACY TRAINING High impact adult education and training or “AET” for community upliftment The private sector is helping the government to break the back of illiteracy in the country. This is by providing quality adult basic education and training or “ABET” that is geared specifically at poor communities where illiteracy and innumeracy levels are … Read more

Learning in Mother-tongue languages

Adult basic education and training or “ABET” set to play a greater role preparing matriculants for entry-level jobs Government is implementing plans to teach important technical subjects in mother-tongue languages, as opposed to English. English has been the formal language of learning for many years. However, government believes that this is one of the many … Read more

Adult Basic Education And Training

Adult Basic Education And Training Courses In South Africa – Triple E Training An unfortunate amount of people have had their dreams and futures dashed by interrupted education, underprivileged childhoods and poor decision. No one really understands the importance of education in their younger years, but as we get older and are faced with the … Read more

Level 1 only the beginning

Ideally the Adult Basic Education and Training learner should at least be able to progress through levels one, two, three and four, giving him or her the equivalent of a grade 12 education. However at an average of 120 hours per level most businesses cannot afford this amount of time off. However even a learner … Read more

ABET and Accreditation

The popularity of learnerships in the field of Adult Basic Education and Training has led to an explosion in the number of ABET service providers in South Africa. These providers are being promoted by the efforts of government and mainstream business to right the wrongs of the Apartheid educational system. Business should however be extremely … Read more

ABET Basics

ABET, Adult Basic Education and Training, focuses on workplace oriented education, so that employees can develop literacy and numeracy skills appropriate to their work and so that supervisors, managers, and executives can develop second-language skills to guide and motivate their workers. Triple e Training delivers state of the art ABET instruction for corporate clients throughout … Read more

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