Business Processes Course

You must understand the processes of a business to understand how it operates and generates profits. A business processes course will give you all the information on how a business is run from operations to sales and marketing. It will help you understand the importance of the various departments within a company and their function … Read more

Business Finance Course

There are various ways in which you can study a business finance course. You can enrol in a business school or other education institution where you will have to attend lectures and receive instruction from a teacher, professor or other professional. For those people who work and cannot attend lectures during the day, a night … Read more

Basic Writing Course

A basic writing course will not give you the skills to become a writer overnight. It is aimed at people who have little to no literacy skills to enable them to learn to read and write. A basic writing course will teach an individual everything about writing from holding a pen correctly to forming the … Read more

Basic English Course

Taking a Basic English course can open a whole new world to you. The ability to read and write in English will enable you to further you education in other ways. Most education institutions teach in English and have work books and study materials that are written in English. The more education you have and … Read more

A Business Course for You

A short business course in Abet can assist your employees in better understanding how your business operates and their function within the company. A business can only function as well as the people that are performing certain tasks that are essential to the core focus of a company. An employee who understands that their job … Read more

Choose wisely

When choosing a course to provide your employees with Adult Basic Education and Training, it is important to ensure that the course meets with the standards of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). The NQF was established to ensure that all education institutions and programmes in South Africa meet the same standard to ensure that all … Read more

ABET course costs

We understand the companies and learners want to keep their learning experiences within their budget range. It is for this reason that we take every possible step to ensure quality education at an affordable price. The ABET course costs vary according to location, number of attendees, levels taken and materials required. The ABET course costs … Read more

How to evaluate ABET providers

How should you evaluate ABET providers? You can use the tips below to help you evaluate ABET providers: • Check whether the ABET centre is present on the Umalusi list. It is a full list of ABET providers with accreditation. If the name is not on the list you can contact Umalusi to confirm the … Read more

Procedure manual writing training – HR

If the HR procedures manual is poorly written, misunderstandings will occur. There will be loopholes and areas where disputes can become a problem. Procedure manual writing skills should be developed to ensure that the HR procedure manual for instance, reflects the changing requirements of workers, that the manual will be clear cut and that the … Read more

English Communication Skills Course

If you struggle to communicate effectively in the workplace, your future may be bleak. English is the language used as vehicle for business communication in South Africa and without the most basic English communication skills, promotion may be just a dream. As such you will benefit from the English as second language course through Triple … Read more

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