Human Resources Procedures

One of the most important human resources procedures to relay to you employees is how and when they will be remunerated for their work. Make sure that your employees are aware of tax, PAYE and UIF contributions that must be deducted from their salaries or wages. The procedure for leave application and leave forms should … Read more

Human Resources Policies

It is important to communicate the human resources policies of your company to your employees. These policies address issues such how an employee should behave in the workplace. Dress code, language, hygiene and conduct are some of the key focus points that are dealt with in human resources policies. You can hold seminars for your … Read more

Learn how to write technical reports

Although most employees on management level have the required skills for normal business communication, many lack the skills to write technical reports that are accurate, readable, and can be understood as well as followed by the reader. Triple e also provides courses on how to write technical reports which also entail the research process, citations, … Read more

Procedure manual writing training – HR

If the HR procedures manual is poorly written, misunderstandings will occur. There will be loopholes and areas where disputes can become a problem. Procedure manual writing skills should be developed to ensure that the HR procedure manual for instance, reflects the changing requirements of workers, that the manual will be clear cut and that the … Read more