The minings qualification authority and training

Many South Africans lack the skills to enable them to improve their level of education. The Mining Qualifications Authority and MERSETA endeavour to change the lives of these people by providing them with basic education that will give them skills to allow them access to further education and self development. Employers within the industry can … Read more

Mining Qualifications and the NQF

The Abet NQF-1 qualification is aimed at the mining sector and providing basic education to labourers who are illiterate and have received little to no education. The purpose of mining qualifications is to give employees basic maths skills and a simple knowledge of scientific principles that THEY will need to deal with in their working … Read more

MQA: Stewards of South Africa ’s Precious Minerals

South Africa controls the majority of the world’s mineral wealth—90% of its platinum, 80% of its manganese, and half of its gold. The nation’s legendary diamond mines rank fourth among the world’s producers. Mining has always driven the South African economy and mineral exports are crucial to the country’s sustained economic growth. More than 450 … Read more

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