MQA: Stewards of South Africa ’s Precious Minerals

South Africa controls the majority of the world’s mineral wealth—90% of its platinum, 80% of its manganese, and half of its gold. The nation’s legendary diamond mines rank fourth among the world’s producers. Mining has always driven the South African economy and mineral exports are crucial to the country’s sustained economic growth. More than 450 000 people mine South Africa ’s minerals and nearly half-a-million more workers provide goods and services for the mining industry. The MQA is a SETA that works specifically to administer as well as assess ABET programs for miners and workers in mining’s allied industries. MQA boasts one of the highest retention and graduation rates among the nation’s SETAs. Developing English-language and mathematics skills, miners have emerged from Earth’s dark caverns to take places among the industry’s leaders because of standards administered in education in the mining industry by MQA.
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