Education and services sector

The services industry in South Africa is always criticised for the low level of service that they offer. It is imperative that employees in this sector receive training and development to improve these service levels to meet with international standards. The Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) programme is aimed at providing basic as well … Read more

Retail Sector Education and Training

The wholesale and retail sector SETA has been set to identify the major role players within the industry and provide their employees with adult basic education and training in accordance with the South African Constitution which provides that every person has the right to an education. The country will benefit enormously from a workforce that … Read more

Sector for Education and Training Authority

The Sector for Education and Training Authority came into being in 2000 as a brainchild of Government and Industry to develop the education and skills levels of South African employees to be on the same standard as the rest of the world. By establishing as Sector for Education and Training Authority for every industry sector … Read more

Is there a difference between SETA accredited and SET approved?

Although people don’t realize it the difference in wording does reflect on a difference. SETA approved indicated that the SETAs across the country approve of the specific training and provider and that the materials used are approved. A SETA approved trainer company thus will provide training on the required level. A company can thus give … Read more

Triple e is a leading SETA trainer company

If you are looking for an approved, accredited and leading SETA trainer company look no further than Triple e. We are one of the top 5 SETA trainer companies in South Africa. We have been involved in numerous training and learnership training programs since 1991 giving us more than 17 years experience. Not only are … Read more

EDTP: Advancing Educators

EDTP ensures quality education in South Africa. Genuine educational equity requires that students in primary and high schools study with teachers who educate by example as well as direct instruction; students long for teachers who look and sound like them, who understand their cultural norms, and can lead them to higher education and into the … Read more

MQA: Stewards of South Africa ’s Precious Minerals

South Africa controls the majority of the world’s mineral wealth—90% of its platinum, 80% of its manganese, and half of its gold. The nation’s legendary diamond mines rank fourth among the world’s producers. Mining has always driven the South African economy and mineral exports are crucial to the country’s sustained economic growth. More than 450 … Read more

Theta: Developing Skilled Professionals for the Tourism Industry

The South African Skills Development Act of 1998, a landmark achievement in the history of educational reform worldwide, mandated creation of Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA’s) in all the nation’s major industries. Theta, the Tourism, Hospitality, and Sport Education and Training Authority, serves as the SETA for South Africa ’s burgeoning tourist industry. As … Read more

Background on SETA

SETA stands for Sector Education and Training Authorities. Each sector has its own SETA. The role of a SETA is as follows: • To identify the skills required by a specific sector • To oversee the development of appropriate skills • To create a favorable balance between the demand for specific skills and the supply … Read more

Triple e as a SETA training provider

Tripe e is one of the top five SETA training provider companies in the country. Apart from this Triple e is also a top ABET and FET training provider. The company has been involved in numerous learnership programs from as far back as 1991 giving us almost 17 years experience. We are not just an … Read more

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