Theta: Developing Skilled Professionals for the Tourism Industry

The South African Skills Development Act of 1998, a landmark achievement in the history of educational reform worldwide, mandated creation of Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA’s) in all the nation’s major industries. Theta, the Tourism, Hospitality, and Sport Education and Training Authority, serves as the SETA for South Africa ’s burgeoning tourist industry. As South African destinations gain popularity, Theta strives to assure that a well-qualified workforce will greet and serve international guests. Theta, fully accredited and authorized to monitor and assess training providers’ performance, assures strict compliance with the strict standards and requirements in the National Qualifications Framework. In collaboration with its business and educational partners, Theta contributes to workers’ acquisition of skills and values employers demand. Theta assures access to training for under-employed workers, young people who cannot secure meaningful work, and older workers who struggle to find their place in both the workforce and society.
Changing Lives Together