ABET and motivation

A basic ability to read and write is one of the cornerstones of personal fulfillment. Studies have shown that if an individual is not in possession of these skills then the ripple effect on the relatives of that individual and for the community as a whole can be devastating. Illiteracy is at the heart of … Read more

ABET and an educated workforce

When South Africa’s first democratically elected government took office in 1994 one of the first priorities was to fix a broken educational system. Although the South African government has steadily increased spending on education it has become apparent that the legacy of the apartheid educational system has been a high level of illiteracy. Government, in … Read more

Empower people through math training

The world faces an economic crisis and South Africa is not isolated from it. As such we need to empower people through math training. The math training will help the workers to get better qualifications, helping them to find other work should retrenchments follow. Apart from pro-actively taking care of the future for your workforce, … Read more

Adult teaching through ABET courses

Adult teaching differs from teaching children or even full time students. There is less time and the learners want to see results quickly. It is however, also important to note that once a person enrols out of free will, the learner is generally more positive and eager to learn. As such we encourage employers to … Read more

Bank SETA: Investors in People

One of South Africa ’s most important Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs), Bank SETA characterizes itself as an “Investor in People.” Transformation includes promotion of educational, economic, and cultural equity with respect for the value of diversity. People development signifies the wide range of educational programs SETA develops and monitors in concert with its … Read more

Theta: Developing Skilled Professionals for the Tourism Industry

The South African Skills Development Act of 1998, a landmark achievement in the history of educational reform worldwide, mandated creation of Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA’s) in all the nation’s major industries. Theta, the Tourism, Hospitality, and Sport Education and Training Authority, serves as the SETA for South Africa ’s burgeoning tourist industry. As … Read more

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