Umalusi – making sure you’re ready

Umalusi is responsible for assuring that the level of assessment of learners attending Adult Basic Education and Training are of a national standard. It also ensures that the examinations at the end of each level are dealt with in line with the General and Further Education and Training Quality Assurance Act of 2001. The learner … Read more

Umalusi ABET centres

Triple e is one of the Umalusi ABET centres meaning that we have the full accreditation to provide courses on specific subjects and NQF levels. As one of the Umalusi ABET centres we provide high quality education, courses structured according to standards set, have presenters with the necessary qualifications and experience, and make use of … Read more

What is an Umalusi training provider?

To be an Umalusi training provider with accreditation an ABET centre needs to be listed with Umalusi which is the quality assurance authority for education on general and advanced levels of training as set out in the NQF curricula. NQF stands for the National Qualifications Framework. The purpose of Umalusi is to oversee the quality … Read more

How to evaluate ABET providers

How should you evaluate ABET providers? You can use the tips below to help you evaluate ABET providers: • Check whether the ABET centre is present on the Umalusi list. It is a full list of ABET providers with accreditation. If the name is not on the list you can contact Umalusi to confirm the … Read more

Background on Umalusi

Umalusi is an Nguni word and means the guardian of the family resources. In the context of education Umalusi is thus the guardian of training resources in South Africa ensuring that the training is provided according to certain standards and that the knowledge resources of the country is therefore guided and training provided at the … Read more

ABET training quality assurors – Umalusi

The role of ABET training quality assurors such as Umalusi is to ensure that a high level of quality is kept according to specific standards in the country regarding general education, further education, and training. The ABET training quality assurors such as Umalusi thus ensure that the quality and standard held at the initial levels … Read more

What does Umalusi mean?

Umalusi comes from the Nguni word Umalusi and means shepherd or guardian of the family belongings, resources, and valuables. As such Umalusi in the context of quality assurance in education means to take care or shepherd the nation’s valuable assets of knowledge which comes from education and training. As guardian Umalusi endeavours to support and … Read more

What does it mean to be an Umalusi accredited training provider?

Umalusi is the quality assurance authority for general and advanced education as well as training curriculum of the NQF which is the short for National Qualifications Framework. Umalusi oversees the quality of education and training provided in the country. They make sure that the Umalusi accredited training provider has adequate capacity and the efficiency level … Read more

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