Training at the Rate of Change

Is your organisation able to deliver against the rate of change for the workforce and facilitate the necessary skills and knowledge for today and more importantly tomorrow? “Life is about learning; when you stop learning, you die.” Tom Clancy did not know that his simple statement would later define the very essence of our century. There are many factors that currently affect our businesses, from economic disruption in more than one part of the world, to demographic changes, and political instability to total technological revolution. It isn’t unusual today to see a whole industry revolutionized by new technology. We only have to consider the telephonic and manufacturing industries for two such examples. South African businesses are by no means excluded and have the very same urgent need to learn at the rate of change in order to survive or evolve. Business must continuously undergo fresh skill cycles to prepare for new competitive cycles. The only way to survive this revolution, and eventually prosper in it, is to accelerate our rate of learning in line with the rapid change. Realistically every sector has distinct learning rate and this is the rate at which we shed old ways of thinking and adopt new skills and approaches. The more creative and innovative we are as a business, the greater the learning rate. And this works in reverse. Three major functions must work together within a business as they are completely interlinked and that is the intelligence function with the strategy function with the learning function. In other words the business uses its intelligence to communicate all strategies and desired goals through learning. We require dynamic learners who engage in learning, unlearning, relearning. Learning should happen at the precise moment of need for the best impact. Triple E Training keeps up with the rate of change by attending workshops and seminars on various new learning approaches, by continually upgrading its Learning Management System WECOZA, by training and retraining its facilitators, and by living by its motto Chainging Lives Together. It is never too late to start training but avoid the quick-fix solutions at all costs. They may be speedy but they won’t make the changes your business needs.
Changing Lives Together