AIDS awareness programs for health care workers

Health care workers are most at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. As such any company whether it is a private clinic, hospital, practice or industry related company needs to inform workers through AIDS awareness programs. Not only topics such as how the virus is contracted or how to prevent contraction should be dealt with, but also how to live with HIV/AIDS and how to deal with family, friends or colleagues who have contracted the virus. It is a fact of modern day society and by ignoring the problem, it will get worse. AIDS awareness programs especially for any worker that takes care of the health of others, should be in place. The problem is that most companies don’t know where to start or how to approach the topic. Triple –e is the ideal company to help you implement AIDS awareness programs in your company. Greater understanding of the problem and fears are addressed in addition to providing important information on how to live and work productively if a person has HIV/AIDS.

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