REALLL still more Popular than FLC

Triple E Training is currently offering more REALLL Programmes than the Foundational Learning Competence (FLC). “We are not 100% sure of the reason because we avidly market both,” says Managing Director, Lance Clack, “but REALLL is selling more than the FLC. It could be that REALLL takes the learner to an exit point of NQF…


As Easy as BEE!

Training for BBBEE/BEE Points in 2015 If you search any one of the accredited BBBEE/BEE verification bodies, you will ultimately reach the same conclusion; skills development is critical in order to maximize your BBBEE/BEE scorecard this year and onwards. So training for BBBEE/BEE points needs to be your first planning session this year! Adult…


BBBEE Skills Development Points

Using AET for Skills and Scorecards The latest requirements for BBBEE Skills Development points necessitate companies in almost all industries to spend 6% of their payroll on Skills Development. If the target of 6% of leviable payroll is spent on Black people, companies will earn 8 points. Skills Development if defined as the extent to…


Financial Literacy – tis the Season

As the holiday season surely approaches, many South African are already preparing for it by buying gifts, planning family gatherings, organising functions and perhaps even vacations. All these activities cost money! And it’s the season when we are tempted to spend more money than we have. So how is your financial literacy? Budgeting, like going…


Community Development Programmes that Work

Training Interventions that Can Make a Difference Community development is a way of strengthening society by prioritising the challenges of communities, and their perspectives in the development of social, economic and environmental policy. It aims for the empowerment of local communities. What is community development Community development should aim to strengthen the capacity of people…


Meeting the Needs of Adult Learners in AET/ABET

General research on learners has shown that adults obviously learn differently from younger learners. Adults have specific needs as learners and these needs should be taken into consideration when planning Adult Education and Training (AET/ABET). Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd’s facilitators are encouraged in meeting the needs of learners in AET/ABET.

BBBEE Skills Development points

The latest requirements for BBBEE Skills Development points will require companies in almost all industries to spend 6% of payroll on Skills Development. Skills Development is a priority element which could result in dropping one level, to maximise these points Category B training becomes a critical part of planning your BBEE Scorecard for the period…