Math Courses for Adults

Boost Confidence and Improve Literacy Levels with Adult Math Classes Many adults in this country have not completed matric or even progressed beyond grade 9, and this could cause a serious lack of numeric comprehension that could affect the life of an adult negatively.  Adult math classes can help to progress you or your employees to a level that will increase numeracy levels to a standard that will help the adult to participate more actively and meaningfully in their communities and working world. In this technological age it helps to have solid and meaningful mathematical basis, as this gives us the ability to understand how things around us work, to reason logically and creatively, and to solve problems a lot better as a result.  A good basic mathematical knowledge will also open doors in terms of further study or promotion in our working lives, as it enables the person to work better with complex problems. Adult math classes have to be of a high quality and it is recommended that only classes are attended that form part of the national curriculum.  Only accredited providers can teach these classes, and it is important that you are very careful where you study, or where you get your adult math classes from.  Triple E Training is an accredited provider and we offer various courses ranging from basic ABET and maths, to adult math classes.  Our courses are based on a solid and recognised curriculum and completing our courses successfully with give you a recognised qualification. In our adult math classes you will learn the basics of maths which includes how to add numbers together, how to subtract numbers from each other, how to multiply numbers and how to divide numbers.  Other skills you will learn include basic knowledge or geometry, such as shapes and angles, how to use a calculator, and how to work out size and volume of objects. All these pieces will fit together to give you a great mathematical base on which you can grow and advance your knowledge, and the sky is the limit once you have completed this course.  You will also find that your prospects at your existing position may become better as you gain more knowledge and confidence.  Remember, acquiring a new skill always increases confidence, and getting a recognised qualification to boot will boost your self-confidence and confidence at work, which will increase your working ability!  Boost your confidence and embrace a new future by doing adult math classes today!
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