Numerical Illiteracy

The Importance Of Eliminating Numerical Illiteracy Numerical illiteracy refers to people or persons who do not have the ability to count or perform basic calculations. Numerical illiteracy affects mainly the adult population group in South Africa and is largely due to the lack of education that adult persons were afforded in the past. But having basic numeracy skills is imperative to ensure that an individual has the ability to be a fully functioning member of society. Just about every act that we perform in our day to day lives relies on the ability to perform basic calculations from purchasing goods to ensuring that we have the ability to improve our style of living. This high degree of numerical illiteracy amongst adults has made it necessary for a number of programmes to be rolled out to assist individuals in learning basic maths skills. These programmes have been rolled out in two ways to ensure the success in combating numerical illiteracy. The first approach is to make big business in South Africa aware of the problem and give them the tools to provide the courses in the workplace to undereducated employees. The second approach is to employ facilitators and educators at community centres who have a basic knowledge of numeracy to assist people suffering from numerical illiteracy on personal basis to alleviate the problem. The added benefit of enrolling on a numerical illiteracy course is that certification will be received upon the completion of the programme. This certification ranges from primary school, high school and even tertiary education equivalencies. The certification can then be used by an individual whose numerical illiteracy may have hampered them in the past to apply for employment or to better their current level of employment. To find out more about the ways in which programmes are being used around South Africa to help eliminate adult numerical illiteracy and how you can become part of the solution, please contact us.
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