ABET Courses

ABET Courses Transform And Empower The legacies of the past have left South Africa with the need to address some serious educational deficits. Government policies condemned vast numbers of learners to incomplete or makeshift tuition that led to high levels of adult illiteracy and limited maths ability. , for more details of all available ABET … Read more

Local Government Services and ABET

The local government services in your area will be able to inform where your nearest ABET training centre is. ABET stands for Adult Basic Education and Training and was rolled out by government to provide basic education to the huge illiterate population of South Africa. The courses are provided in Community Centres and halls all … Read more

ABET Short Courses

Adult Basic Education and Training short courses are aimed at improving life skills of under educated individuals in South Africa. These life skills will provide such individuals with a better quality of life and enable them to access technology and institutions that were previously not at their disposal. They will learn financial skills about how … Read more

Pro-Active Business Training

Pro-active business training is very popular amongst small and medium sized companies who want to optimize their functionality and improve the social and business skills of each employee. The fact that some adults lack the corporate ‘know how’ as the times change and technology advances is a growing problem in this industry. We offer four … Read more

Key Concepts in Business Management

There are several key issues in business management, especially in small or medium sized companies that require more time and planning than most individuals are willing to commit to. These issues, no matter how frivolous they might seem each play major a role in the eventual success of you company. Some of these factors include … Read more

How much will it cost the company to enrol employees in one of the ABET courses?

Costs vary according to the number of employees enrolled in the ABET courses, the levels they attend, the duration of the classes, location, and additional courses taken or presented including project management, steel work, life skills management, and time management etc. We tailor the packages around the client requirements whether for African language courses, literacy, … Read more

Adult teaching through ABET courses

Adult teaching differs from teaching children or even full time students. There is less time and the learners want to see results quickly. It is however, also important to note that once a person enrols out of free will, the learner is generally more positive and eager to learn. As such we encourage employers to … Read more