Adult Education Improves Workers’ Quality of Life

History very clearly shows, in all the world’s industrialized nations as workers become better educated, they enjoy upward social mobility. Education always has been the tool for rising above poverty, disease, and misery. A family’s value for continuing education inspires the children to continue in school all the way through university. As each generation of … Read more

Adult education classes must have a high level of interactivity

Research has shown that media tools such as radio and television, although useful in adult education, lack interactivity. The learners at adult education classes thrive on the interactivity provided through the Triple E method of instruction. Learners must have the opportunity to have social contact and learn from their peers. They also appreciate live feedback … Read more

Special education for your employees

Although special education is often associated with learning problems, the fact remains that one out every six adults in South Africa is functionally illiterate. Domestic workers, construction employees, and farm workers often fall into this category. Triple-e provides special education programs specifically developed to address illiteracy and lack of numeracy skills of employees. As employer … Read more

Success with adult learning classes

Triple e has tremendous success with adult learning classes and the reason for this is that we address issues that many other programs ignore. We take specific factors into consideration when preparing the adult learning classes. As such our adult learning classes are based on specific principles to promote success: • Link goals of the … Read more

What is one of biggest obstacles for adult learners?

Studies have shown that students who out of their own accord enrol in further education or adult basic training are often more motivated than others and know why they are doing the courses. Since they have goals they are more likely to succeed. Fear is seen as one of the biggest obstacles for adult learners. … Read more

Basic differences between child and adult learning

There are a few differences between child and adult learning that necessitate the usage of a different approach when teaching adults as opposed to children. Studies have shown that adults often lack self-esteem when it comes to adult learning. People with no prior schooling suffer the most from a lack of self esteem and fear … Read more

Factors affecting Adult basic training and education

Numerous factors affect adult basic training and education. One of the most prevalent factors is that of the knowledge already gained earlier in life. The more knowledge an adult has about a specific subject even through informal learning earlier in life the faster the learning as adult. As such it is essential to pre-assess the … Read more

Adult training in South Africa – a must

Competency levels in many of the local government structures and various public institutions are too low according to the latest reports on the competency levels of workers in South Africa. It is shocking and it costs the country in productivity, image, and income. Retrenchment is not an option as the employment figure is already far … Read more

FAQ about adult basic education – ABET classes

ABET classes are held at the premises most convenient to the learners and onsite at the company sponsoring the learning. Once you enrol or enrol your employees in ABET classes we will discuss the location most convenient to the learners in the program. The ABET classes are held Mondays to Sundays according to our client … Read more

Cost to company for Adult Education Classes

The cost to company for Adult Education Classes vary according the number of employees attending, the levels provided, the location, duration, and also how much the company will pay the employees for attending the Adult Education Classes. The question whether the employee should pay for the Adult Education Classes or whether the company should depends … Read more