ABET Learnerships Expand Opportunities

Many industrial nations struggle with “school-to-work transition” issues: graduates of their traditional educational systems have neither skills nor values immediately applicable in the workplace. In South Africa, however, industry leaders and educators have collaborated for more than twenty years, developing a sophisticated system that promotes students’ learning for work. In South African industries, the notion … Read more

ABET Products Support Workers’ Learning

Designed to guide, complement, and supplement adult learners’ progress through South Africa’s National Qualifying Framework, ABET materials run the scope of educators’ needs. ABET curriculum materials, assessments, and learning resources assure students compliance with the standards of each Learnership. ABET products include awareness campaigns, assessments, individual and group reporting, students’ instructional materials, portfolios, quality assurance … Read more


ABET learnerships set qualifying standards for continuing education and training. Learnerships specify essential skills and knowledge “required to access qualifications for further education and training.” In other words, if a learner cannot add, subtract, multiply and divide, he is not prepared for fractions, decimals, and percentages. If a learner cannot carry on a basic workplace … Read more

Changing Lives Together