ABET Products Support Workers’ Learning

Designed to guide, complement, and supplement adult learners’ progress through South Africa’s National Qualifying Framework, ABET materials run the scope of educators’ needs. ABET curriculum materials, assessments, and learning resources assure students compliance with the standards of each Learnership. ABET products include awareness campaigns, assessments, individual and group reporting, students’ instructional materials, portfolios, quality assurance tools, and demographic reporting documents. ABET Learnerships provide meaningful opportunities for relatively unskilled workers to advance in their trades and industries, making-up for their lack of formal education. ABET products document learners’ progress through the curriculum; enforcing NQF standards and delivering the outcomes ABET business partners require.Careful examination the ABET products list reveals that curriculum materials represent only about 10% of the products available. ABET products support management, delivery, and documentation of every single ABET requirement.
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