Why take mathematical classes?

Mathematical classes are not the most favourite amongst learners and students at education institutions. However, most of us take it for granted that we are able to count and perform basic calculations without the use of a calculator. We need these skills to fulfil certain simple tasks in society such as purchasing items. Some people … Read more

Learn Basic Maths Skills

You need to learn basic maths skills to perform the most basic tasks in society. Without the ability to read numbers you cannot know what items cost and whether you have the right amount of money to make a purchase. Being able to add and subtract will ensure that you always receive the right change … Read more

Adult Math Classes

You are never too old to learn and you don’t have to be a learner of school going age to begin understanding mathematics. Adult math classes start at the most basic levels of counting as well as addition and subtraction. Multiplication and division comes later once the fundamentals have been achieved. Advanced adult math classes … Read more

Teaching Basic Math

Having an educated workforce will optimise the profits that your company makes. Teaching basic math to your employees gives them the skills to function better in the working environment. Maths skills will also help them understand how your business operates and their function within the company. Being able to make simple calculations without assistance also … Read more

The three R’s

If you cannot read or write your ambitions simply cannot be realised. In a world that is changing to one where information is the currency that will allow people to reach their true potential. Someone who is illiterate is denied access to the information available in today’s knowledge rich environment and has to allow others … Read more

Empower people through math training

The world faces an economic crisis and South Africa is not isolated from it. As such we need to empower people through math training. The math training will help the workers to get better qualifications, helping them to find other work should retrenchments follow. Apart from pro-actively taking care of the future for your workforce, … Read more

Learn Numeracy Skills

The conventional wisdom equates “literacy” with fundamentals of reading and writing, and it equates “numeracy” with basics of mathematics. Literacy, however, advances well beyond the basics to public speaking and conversation, figuration, and sophisticated inference. When adults learn numeracy skills, they similarly move well beyond the basics, developing sophisticated skills that help them advance in … Read more