ABET history and business involvement

The ABET history is a long one which originated as far back as 1960’s. It was only in the nineties though that the ABET history showed the movement towards a government funded initiative to empower people to function in modern society through adult education programmes. The ABET history shows that businesses, especially mines have been involved in the process for a long time. As far back as 1970s management at mines took employee literacy to another level through the focus on English as second language. Although the idea was good, many of the programmes failed and eventually the idea got to a dead-end. The later ABET history however, has shown great successes in industry. Although the main focus still remain basic English literacy, numeracy, and communication skills, businesses now see the potential of skills development programmes including that of project management and specific industry related programmes in addition to the basic literacy programmes. Whether you are in the commercial, agricultural or manufacturing industry, your company can also benefit from targeted skills development programmes offered by Triple E.
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