ABET in Communication and Mathematics in customised outsourced BEE Training

Challenge: Employee struggling to communicate with customers and co-workers

When my client contacted me the problem was as clear as daylight. In an attempt to contribute to the elimination of unemployment in the country they took on the services of a petrol attendant at their site in Nigel. The new employee is a native Xhosa and was struggling to communicate with customers and co-workers. He furthered struggled to grasp the concept of numbers and often did not manage to successfully complete a transaction. My client has not previously attempted any training and was eager to embark on a 960-hour training programme.

Solution: One-on-one ABET in Communication and Mathematics

The solution offered by Triple E Training was to embark on our Adult Basic Education Training (ABET/AET) programme for literacy and numeracy (mathematics) to empower the employee to undertake his duties with increased skills and abilities. To provide the learner with a bridging period in the transition from Xhosa to English we appointed a Xhosa-speaking facilitator at the client’s site, who operates in the energy sector, for the duration of the training. In order to reach ABET level 4 in communication and mathematics the employee will undergo training for six hours per week per module for a period of approximately 10 months. The outsourced BEE training will be taking place in an on-site training room on my client’s premises in Nigel.

Expert Opinion: Completing ABET level 4 is equal to Grade 9 in high school

All our ABET programmes falls within the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) for General Education and Training (GET) as set by the Energy and Water Sector Education and Training Authority (EWSETA) alongside other skills development authorities that form part of the Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) in South Africa.
Apart from Communication in English and Numeracy (mathematics) we also offer other core ABET modules that include Communication in Afrikaans, Natural Sciences, Economic Management Sciences, Life Orientation and Technology. Learners on an ABET level 1 module can be expected to complete the course reaching an outcome similar to that of Grade 3 in school with those completing an ABET level 4 module reaching NQF level 1 that is equal to Grade 9 in high school.
At Triple E Training our ABET modules are delivered face-to-face in a classroom and on-site at the client’s location. Classes are scheduled to suit the client’s shift- and/or production requirements over our recommended six hours per week, in two- or three-hour sessions. One module usually takes 120 hours to complete.
When it comes to ABET/AET no project is too small or insignificant. Whether your organisation offers skills development in the form of ABET to one or 500 employees, the results are the same: empowerment of an individual or a group of people with the added bonus of contribution to your company’s overall Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE/BEE) level.

Call to Action: Triple E Training – Your partner to BEE Training

With Triple E Training as its partner my client was not only able to empower an employee but the ABET programme also contributed to the organisation’s skills development element of the BEE verification process.


At the cost of only R50,000 Triple E Training managed to offer my client a solution to the challenge of having one employee who was not able to communicate with clients and peers by providing ABET in communication and mathematics in customised outsourced BEE Training at their site in Nigel.

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