ABET success stories

There are literally thousands of ABET success stories ranging from rural women now being able to count their money, grow and sell their fresh produce and make jam packaged in bottles with cans, to ABET success stories about people now being able to find work because they can read, write, communicate in English, do maths and solve problems. Domestic workers who attended courses are also part of the ABET success stories. In today’s society it is essential that domestic workers can read, write, do calculations and solve problems. Hygiene, health skills, caring skills, life orientation skills, and more all form part of the essential training to ensure that the domestic workers can take care of their employer’s home, children, pets, grocery shopping, cooking, and even assisting with the hosting of parties and other get togethers. If you trust someone to handle your whole household, you need to help them gain the skills to do so effectively. Let your domestic worker become one of the ABET success stories by enrolling her in one of our adult basic education programs.