Learn an African language

oday’s university students, tomorrow’s entrepreneurs as well as professionals and educators must learn an African Language. Analysis of South African economics and politics proves the unavoidable conclusion that all South Africans must join in common enterprise to get rid of poverty and disease in order to sustain the economic growth. Therefore, the country’s emerging leaders must learn an African language. High among the world’s most promising countries for agricultural development and restoration of the family farm, South Africa may become a major hub of international commerce; however, pioneers and entrepreneurs on the new South African frontier must learn an African language in order to cultivate the native’s respect and trust. Ethnic division, poverty, and disease have slowed South Africa’s development. Education will allow South Africans to defeat their limitations, but educators must make their tools available to all South Africans. Those educators of the next generation will benefit the most from being able to learn an African language.
Changing Lives Together