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Book A Course With Accredited ABET Provider, Triple E Training Many medium to large sized companies take on labour staff and general business staff that are vital to the daily operations of the company. Of course not everyone needs to have a degree or business education in order to obtain a job, but on many levels, basic education is most certainly required. Those who enter a job with little or no education can find themselves growing and working their way up if they consider studying and developing their skills. Skills development courses are advised to many employers from accredited ABET provider, Triple E Training. Triple E Training is not just your average accredited ABET provider. We are also BEE compliant and rated as a level 2 125% contributor. We offer a wide range of courses and classes for you to choose from and ensure that our course content and study material is always of the utmost best quality and presented to students by qualified and experienced tutors. Of course our tutors are assessed regularly by the correct officials to ensure that the high standard and level of education is being upheld and not compromised by any means. Accredited Learnership Providers Operating in South Africa Much like ABET courses it is essential to ensure that when seeking out learnerships that they are being offered to you by accredited learnership providers. At Triple E Training we believe that through development there can be growth and with this in mind we present a wide variety of the best learnerships, classes and courses to the South African market. One of the great benefits of dealing through us is that we are an accredited ABET provider that will stop at nothing to ensure that you are provided with an education that will be recognised. Our tutors are often known to travel to rural areas where the only access is via 4×4 or on foot. Dedication to the task of education like this is not often seen. As accredited learnership providers we go out of way to ensure that our courses are of the best that the country has seen. Students who approach us for assistance will be assessed and then provided with their learnership options to choose from. Of course many companies set up classes and courses for their employees that can be attended on your own premises, at Triple E Training premises or at an external location. We boast an impressive 99% pass rate which shows just how much time and effort we are willing to put into our lessons. Our tutors will work closely with your employees and ensure that they are assisted every step of the way, and provided with extra assistance should they be confused or stuck. Take the time to discuss your learnership needs and requirements with our team members at Triple E Training. We will ensure that you are provided with a schedule and break down of courses and classes available and that you are offered the best opportunity to prosper and grow in the work place. Empower yourself and your employees – book a course with only accredited learnership providers today.
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