How to improve your communication with ABET

Effective communication is important in the growth and development of any business. Business communication in South Africa comes with its own unique complexities as the different languages and cultures in the country must be taken into consideration. You can improve your communication skills as well as those of your employee by offering a basic communication … Read more

Adult Basic Communication Training

Adult basic communication training is not just about teaching people a language. Although the course is aimed at teaching English as well as greetings in South Africa’s other official languages, other important skills are passed on in the process. These skills include proper communication in the work place. It will enable a learner to better … Read more

Human Resources Policies

It is important to communicate the human resources policies of your company to your employees. These policies address issues such how an employee should behave in the workplace. Dress code, language, hygiene and conduct are some of the key focus points that are dealt with in human resources policies. You can hold seminars for your … Read more

Communication Skills Courses for Employees

As important as it is for your employees to offer your clients and business partner’s great service, it is imperative that they are able to interact well with each other within the work environment. Communication skills courses can help your employees attain the highest level of understanding how your company functions and the lines of … Read more

Vital Business Communications Skills

Being able to converse well in the English language does not necessarily mean that you and your employees have the necessary business communications skills needed in a multi-lingual and multi-cultural country such as South Africa. You may inadvertently insult a person with whom you wish to establish a business relationship and harm any negotiations before … Read more

Key Concepts in Business Management

There are several key issues in business management, especially in small or medium sized companies that require more time and planning than most individuals are willing to commit to. These issues, no matter how frivolous they might seem each play major a role in the eventual success of you company. Some of these factors include … Read more

ABET learning materials

Education on NQF1 level requires specific books and ABET learning materials. Triple e ensures that course attendees will have access to the appropriate ABET learning materials, structured specifically for the NQF1 level. The ABET learning materials for this level include workbooks, facilitation and portfolio building. ABET learning materials are available for all the levels right … Read more

Zulu language courses at the workplace

Apart from other African languages such as Tswana and Sotho Triple e also provides Zulu language courses at the workplace. The focus of the Zulu language courses is to provide Afrikaans and English speaking workers the conversational skills they need to communicate effectively with colleagues at the workplace. The Zulu language courses include from the … Read more

Basic writing training

A police officer, clerk, domestic worker, construction worker, and health worker will need to be able to write. Unfortunately many people have not finished school or even attended school at all. Others have done so, but still have not gained writing skills to communicate effectively. Triple e provides ABET basic writing training on NQF levels … Read more

Communication training

We provide the ABET communication training at the workplace and at specific venues around the country. What does the communication training entail? Four levels of communication training are provided. The first level is a bridging phase where the learner is taught the basics of for instance, identifying the letters of the alphabet and learn to … Read more