Numerical literacy training to improve the workforce

With more than 1.5 million adult learners enrolled in some kind of adult learning classes between 1999 and 2003, South Africa has already seen a fast improvement in the literacy levels of the SA workforce. Building upon that through numerical literacy training as well as English literacy skills, essential life orientation and communication skills is … Read more

English Literacy Drives Growth

Especially in a depressed world economy, increasing South African workers’ productivity becomes more urgent. In general, increases in productivity depend upon advances in workers’ English literacy. Sophisticated job training, the key to increased productivity and profit, certainly depends upon sophisticated English literacy. As more large multi-national corporations train their workers with online curricula, South African … Read more

English literacy levels in South Africa

The latest reports indicate that the English literacy levels in South Africa are still not up to par. This does not just hold true for adults, but also for schools. The problem is that more adult basic education programs may be needed in future as employers are concerned about the entrants into the job market … Read more

Adult English Classes

We offer various adult English classes for people who need to improve their conversational skills, written communication and day to day business or industry related English skills. The adult English classes have been designed to address the learning needs of employees who have to communicate with clients and colleagues on a daily basis, but don’t … Read more

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