AET for Skills Development enables my client to claim 125% of the actual spend

Challenge: Employees lack fundamental skills which makes supply chain management a real challenge My client, a logistics company with a national footprint, has been experiencing productivity loss due to high levels of illiteracy within the ranks of its warehousing staff. The employees in the warehouses mostly do not have a clear understanding of what is … Read more

ABET for the unemployed is a legit way of increasing the points on your BEE scorecard

Challenge: What do you do if your workforce is already literate and you need to get points for your BEE Scorecard? My client, who is based in Midrand and a member of the Fibre Processing and Manufacturing SETA (FP&M SETA), needs to increase its BEE points by 8% before the end of May 2016. Their … Read more

Ensuring learners are committed to the ABET programme is crucial to the success of skills development

Problem: Learners lost interest in ABET programme My client, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of formworks and scaffolding, approached me for providing Adult Education and Training (AET) for its South African operations. The HR Manager at my client’s head office in Midrand has worked with Triple E Training before at her previous … Read more

Succession planning with ABET in the mining industry also benefits the SLP

Requirement: Compliance with B-BBEE, SLP and LED My client is a multi-national manufacturer of highly specialised pumps for the mining industry based on the East Rand. When they contacted Triple E Training they indicated a need for assistance to comply with the government’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment programme, social and labour plans (SLP) and local … Read more

ABET will help your company become a socially responsible corporate citizen

Requirement: Training illiterate employees to NQF Level 4 My client, a multi-national integrated technology company with offices nationally, wanted to address adult literacy within the organisation with the aim to train all illiterate employees to NQF Level 4, which is equal to Grade 12. With a big focus on skills development of employees with disabilities … Read more

ABET as a means to comply to the Skills Development element of the BEE Scorecard

Requirement: Compliance to the Skills Development element of the BEE Scorecard My client, that has a national footprint in transport infrastructure management services, has decided to conduct a pilot staff training project as part of the requirements of the skills development element of the BEE Scorecard. With multiple sites nationwide, each with its own training … Read more

ABET will help your family business reach its BEE rating target

Challenge: A family business struggling to improve its BEE rating My client operates a family business in the wholesale industry and is struggling to improve its BEE rating. With three branches in Gauteng, this small business will be able to utilise outsourced BEE training to gain the maximum possible points under the skills development element … Read more

Outsourced BEE training by a fully accredited service provider will help to improve your company’s BEE Score

Requirement: My client wants to retain or improve its BEE status My client, who is a provider of turnkey projects to the mining sector, is subject to the industry’s strict procurement policies. With its current status being that of a Level 3 contributor to BBBEE it is imperative to retain or, even better yet, improve … Read more

Outsourced BEE training through a SETA accredited training provider can increase profit margins

Challenge: Low-skilled employees have a direct impact on the productivity of the company As one of the largest manufacturers of paper and board packaging globally my client, based in Kya Sands, conducted a skills audit after evaluation of the production process that indicated large amounts of wastage. The results were staggering and management realised that … Read more

Collaborative awareness will add value to ABET staff training projects

Challenge: Employees have developed a negative attitude towards staff training My client, which operates in the food and beverage industry in Wadeville (Gauteng), is responsible for a high volume production chain and thought it near impossible for Adult Education and Training (AET) to be implemented without interrupting the organisation’s production schedule. Apart from the challenge … Read more

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